Rebuild & Repair Septic Systems

We Rebuild & Repair Septic Systems. Every septic system will require some level of maintenance / repair / and some rebuilding parts of your septic system. Lets look at a standard conventional septic system, you have a septic tank that should be pumped and cleaned every 3 to 5 years or when there is 25% solids in the tank, distribution box, header pipe system, and then a lateral system. If the tank and distribution box is constructed out of concrete the nature occurring sewer gases and corrosive moisture will eat way at the concrete and will need to be repaired or rebuilt at sometime. Header pipe system and lateral can get damage and will need repair. Also many system have electric component know, like pumps, aerator, control panels, electronic timer and dosing controls, high level alarm systems and they will not last forever and will need repaired.

Rogers Septic has master plumbers, journeymen electricians,  concrete construction, and over 40yrs of experience in the septic industry to help you when you need it.