Rejuvenation of Failed Septic Systems

Rejuvenation of Failed Septic Systems. Let start with if your septic lateral field, has worked fine for several years and you have been having concerns about it or  KNOW that its not working correctly, most like is because of organic matter building up in the lateral field. Let put it this way – if the ground was absorbing the water in the past for several years and know it is not and you have wet soggy spots in your lateral field, most of time its because of organic matter (septic slug) has built up in the laterals.

In the past there was only to ways to Handel this types of problems, first way STOP USING the system for 2 – 5 years and let nature clean the system up (REALLY? Who can do that???) or two have a new system installed ($$$$$), well that is not true today!  We have partnered up with BioChemical Manufacturing, whom produces aerobic bacteria that is like a hungry Parana type that eats up the organic matter (septic slug). After the slug is gone we can pretreat the waste water before it goes to the lateral field so it wont happen again.

The cost is WAY LESS than a new septic system.

NOTE: If the problem is the ground won’t absorb the water because it is heavy clay type soil and the system is only few years old, this is probable not for you. Call a civil engineer who specializes in ground soil type for septic system to have correct system designed for you. If you need a recommendation for a good civil engineer call/text me (Rick 515-282-0777) or email