Service & Repair of Septic Grinder System

septic systems service | septic system grinderService & Repair of Grinder System. Some house’s city sewer connection is higher than the drain pipe leaving the house. Because waste water will not flow uphill, you need to pump the waste to the city sewer connection.

This is most commonly done by using a sewage ejector pump or grinder pump. Sewage pumps normally can pump solids up to a 2″ diameter but heavier paper products like baby wipes and feminine products will plug up the pump and cause failure. But, grinder pumps that are much heavier duty (240 volt electric,) grind up the solids into liquid or small 1/4″ to 1/2″ pieces and then pump that up to the city sewer. The grinder system costs more to install but normally outlasts the sewage pumps 2 or 3 to 1. Because of the corrosive gases, water, and moisture, the pumps and control will need repaired.

Not many septic repair companies have a master plumber, a master mechanical, and a journeymen electricians as their service technicians. But, we at ROGERS SEPTIC do have those professional service technicians. Plus, with our 40 years of experience, it makes sense to use the best choice to service your sewage and grinder systems.